Creative Ideas when Packing Lunchboxes

It's back! Lunchboxes that we have learned to love when we were children are making a huge comeback! So what do we do? Forget all those instant recipes and microwavable dishes that you buy on 7-11. Start finding creative ways to pack lunch with the new designs and ways you can use the lunchbox. If you are a natural born artist, here are some tips that you'll surely love.

When you go shopping for lunchboxes there are so many styles available that it can be easy to be overwhelmed with them all. Among the best are the ones with soft sides, for easy storage after lunch. These are usually insulated and it will help cool foods stay cool while it keeps warm foods warm. Most have two individual spaces so you can keep cool and warm foods separate.

* Prepare the food the night before (if you can), this is applicable for those slow cooker recipes that needs hours to prepare. Cook them the night before and then in the morning just heat them.

* Crock pot recipes are also great because tender sliced meat is better than fried ones. It will also give you the strength that you need.

* Slow cooker recipes are also good because you'll be sure that the meat will be tender. You can cook it the night before and just heat it in the morning.

* Don't settle with those usual sandwiches. Experiment and keep them healthy. Try vegetable burger patties, ham and beef and tuna sandwiches. Top them up with crunchy lettuce and low fat cheese and as a side dish; why not add a small portion of mashed potato? Who wouldn't want that for lunch?

Often times an ice pack sweats as it thaws and it can make the lunchbox contents wet. Try this instead; dampen a washcloth and put it in a baggie. Place it in the refrigerator overnight. When your lunch is packed, put the washcloth in the container (still in the baggie) over your cold food. This keeps any moisture inside the baggie and not on your food.

* No need to avoid messy foods however one needs to find a way for them not to be messy. A couple of examples are as follows, you can add the mayonnaise between the slices of meat or cheese to keep from ending up with soggy bread. This is also the concept for our favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Spread the peanut butter first before adding the jelly.

* Think Bento, as stated earlier, a bento packs everything, from appetizers, the main dish which consists of meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts. Everything in one container that is properly arranged and separated. Now don't try this if your container is just one big box. You'll need separate divisions on that tray if you want to try a bento pack lunch.

Lunchbox ideas doesn't end there, find new ways to excite your family by searching the web for healthy yet easy to make recipes. It's really good to have these lunchboxes again, because with them we would be able to prepare lunch for our loved ones and it's another steps closer to a healthier living.


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