How to Choose the Best Food Packaging Containers

Food packaging serves multiple purposes. It protects the foodstuff from moisture, dust, microbes, and other contaminants, it facilitates easy handling during transit and storage, guards against any physical or chemical damage and at stores it also attracts the attention of the prospective buyers thus contributing to sales. There is a wide array of Packaging Materials available in the market paper, metal, aluminum foil, plastic films, to name a few. The following section discusses more elaborately on differing options for food packaging.

Antibacterial Polymer Packaging
Food packaging material has a significant effect on the quality and stability of food. The use of inappropriate material can cause absorption and adsorption of the unwanted active ingredients. It may result in severe food poisoning. Therefore, it is advised to choose Antibacterial Polymer Packaging Material to avoid contamination of food from harmful contaminants and to ensure food safety. It is available for canned products, soups and sterilized milk.

Plastic Food Packaging
Plastic is one of the most consumer friendly Packaging Materials. Plastic Containers are extremely convenient to use, affordable, durable and reusable. They can keep the food fresh and hygienic for a long period of time. The air-tight containers are ideal to store liquids as well as dry food as they are attributed with excellent moisture barrier properties. Plastic cans and jars are used to pack sauces, juices, soft drinks and various household products.

Metallic Packaging
Nowadays, many manufacturers opt for Metal Cans to pack food and beverages. Metal Cans, usually made up of aluminum and steel, are a preferred choice as they offer better structural stability and protection. Aluminum Foil is widely used for packing cooked food. It is generally used in the households or in the restaurants to wrap poultry products.

Boxes, trays, baskets, etc. made from wood, are also a good Food Packaging Solution. Ready to eat items like fresh fruits and eggs are packed in trays and baskets with a solid wooden base and flexible transparent plastic cover for visibility. So, there are a number of packaging options; which one to choose depends upon the nature of food to be packed.

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